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Stauntonia are vigorous climbing plants from the Lardizabalaceae family, little known in our gardens. While it is true that they are not completely hardy, like Stauntonia hexaphylla, these lush plants seduce with their spring flowering made of bell-shaped flowers with a rose scent and their elegant evergreen foliage, which remains attractive even in winter. Just like its close relatives Akebia and Holboellia coriacea, Stauntonia vigorously climbs, if allowed, up to the tops of trees, perfuming a whole area of the garden.  It requires, in most of our temperate climates, a very sheltered position, even though some reliable sources have observed that it can withstand temperatures of -8°C (17.6°F). It should be planted in rather acidic soil, not too dry and in a shaded position. Its growth is rapid and its stems can reach a length or height of 10m (33ft). By training the twining stems as they grow, Stauntonia can be used to cover a garden shelter, a pergola, a tall wall, an imposing tree that is rather dull outside of winter, such as a cedar for example.

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