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Large water lilies

93 results

93  results


Our range of large water lilies are varieties with a large spread that can tolerate great depths (between 60 cm and 1.50 m). Among the most well-known are the 'Gonnere' water lily with large white flowers, 'Attraction', and Nymphaea 'Odorata Alba', white, highly fragrant, and versatile. These large water lilies can spread over 1.50 m or more. Among the most vigorous is 'Mayla', a prolific bright pink water lily that quickly makes an impact! Rediscover Nymphaea 'Escarboucle', an old variety of water lily that is still very popular for its large, rich red flowers that smell good and close quite late in the evening. One of the most beautiful is 'White 1000 Petals', with white flowers filled with 130 to 150 petals. There are many varieties to discover in this category.

Large water lilies should be planted in spring, in a sunny location. Their rootstock should be planted in aquatic soil that is muddy, clayey, and heavy ensuring that the terminal bud remains upwards. The whole should be covered with 60 cm to 1.50 m of water, depending on the variety.


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