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Botanical Aquilegia

25 results

25  results


Our range of Botanical Columbines, or wild columbines. In addition to Aquilegia vulgaris, the common columbine well known for its robustness and varied colours, we offer other lesser-known species such as the Alpine Columbine (A. alpina), and even the fairly rare and wild columbines for cultivation, like the fragrant Aquilegia fragrans, A. formosa with its slender orange-red flowers, or Aquilegia longissima with its disproportionately long stems. All are hardy perennial plants of the Ranunculaceae family that offer delicate flowers and foliage. Their flowers appear between spring and summer, depending on the species. More or less easy to cultivate, some wild columbines self-seed and naturalise in the garden if the stems are not cut. Occasionally, they produce natural hybrids with unique shapes or colours.


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