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Ornamental grasses for pots

77 results

77  results


Grasses in pots are ideal for adding a touch of originality and a slightly wild fantasy to your terrace or balcony. From delicate Stipa feather grass to generous Miscanthus with their furry plumes, and Carex, their cultivation is easy and their growth is rapid. The choice is vast and will depend on the future development of the plant, from small pots to large containers. Play with volumes, shapes, textures, and colours to create a lively and poetic spectacle, in a contemporary or naturalistic spirit. Place your pots close to the house or in strategic spots in the garden. Choose containers large enough to accommodate their roots and make sure to water regularly, avoiding excess water. Only shade grasses appreciate regular nitrogen fertilization. Those that grow in dry soil generally require relatively poor substrates and an annual application of 'lawn' fertilizer in spring.

In this section, we have gathered the best grasses to grow in pots. Discover them!



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