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12  results


Rodgersias are very impressive perennials with large palmate, dissected leaves that resemble those of the chestnut tree. Originally from China, they form quite lush clumps (up to 1.20 m (4ft)). These plants are bushy and produce very graceful star-shaped flower spikes. They like deep, humus-rich, acidic, moist soils and a position without direct sunlight. Mulch the soil in late May to keep it cool throughout the summer. There are 6 species including Rodgersia aesculifolia (1.50 m (5ft) tall) with "chestnut leaf" with brown veins and white flowers, or Rodgersia pinnata 'Superba' (1 m (3ft)) with bronze-green foliage and pink flowers, or even Rodgersia podophylla (1.20 m (4ft)) with chocolate brown leaves turning green in summer and cream-yellow flowers. Rodgersias are used in heather beds, along water edges but be patient as it takes 3 years for these plants to get well establish.

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