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Bambusa or bamboos - including Bambusa vulgaris, the common bamboo from China, and Bambusa arundinacea, known for its benefits and virtues in phytotherapy - are famous representatives of a large tribe of giant grasses or Poaceae, comprising about 125 species of bamboos native to tropical and subtropical Asia, not very hardy, and preferring warm and humid climates. These bamboos, characterised by short rhizomes, have the advantage of being much less invasive than their cousins, such as the Phyllostachys. Some are giants, with their canes reaching 24 m (79ft) from the ground. In their countries of origin they have multiple uses, especially in construction. However, there are species and varieties of more modest stature that are sought after, like Bambusa glaucescens Multiplex, for their ornamental qualities and relative hardiness. Better adapted to the size of our gardens, they can withstand mild European winters when planted in the ground. Elsewhere, they are a very beautiful plant for a veranda or orangery.

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