Summer flowering Clematis

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131  results


Discover summer-flowering clematis among our 350+ varieties of clematis, ideal for livening up the garden, balcony or terrace from June to September. The jackmanii clematis, with large star-shaped flowers ranging from white to garnet-coloured, the viticella clematis, integrifolia, texensis, or even the flammula clematis, among others, are perfect for this purpose. There is at least one summer-flowering clematis, climbing or bushy, suitable for every situation: in shade, in full sun, in cold or hot and dry regions, to adorn a bush, a tree, enhance a fence or trellis, for large gardens or balconies, the choice is vast. The cultivation requirements vary depending on the species and varieties. Summer-flowering clematis are pruned in March, all the previous year's stems should be shortened to 20cm (8in) from the ground, cutting just above a cluster of buds.

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