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Woody Fuchsia

44 results

44  results


The genus Fuchsia, belonging to the family of Onagraceae, counts no less than a hundred species and thousands of fascinating hybrids and cultivars for the diversity of their colours and habits. What would our summers be without their quaint charm, capable of transforming the shaded areas of the garden into enchanted woods? Native to Argentina and Chile, Fuchsia magellanica is a vigorous deciduous bush that has given birth to the only truly hardy varieties under our climate. In our gardens, its varieties 'Ricartonii', the oat grain with thousands of small red and dancing flowers, unshakeable, 'Alba' (pale pink) and 'Versicolor' (variegated foliage of pink and cream) can form real hedges if winter does not mow them down to the ground, which will not prevent them from vigorously regrowing in spring. Where winter is not too severe, two slightly less hardy but very original species can be welcomed: the giant New Zealand Fuchsia excorticata, with surprising and waxy bells, painted in greenish-violet or somewhat dull red, and Fuchsia thymifolia, Mexican, compact, not exceeding one metre, with small leaves and slightly rounder, fresh pink flowers. To give yourself the best chance, plant the bush fuchsias in spring, in semi-shade or dappled sun, in fertile and moist but well-drained soil, placing them sheltered from cold drafts.


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