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Alba roses

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2  results


Alba Roses, originating from the Middle Ages, are bushy shrubs sometimes a little stiff but exceptionally robust. They are capable of thriving in the most difficult growing conditions and they  require little maintenance. Their roses are nicely scented, generally in shades of pale pink as seen in the famous 'Maiden's Blush' or white in the Rosa x alba 'Suaveolens', the semi-double white rose with a divine fragrance. 'The York and Lancaster' combines the two colours on large blooms of flowers randomly coloured in light pink and white. These delicate shades of colour are enhanced by a foliage of a slightly grayish green. Moreover, they are most often free from diseases. These Alba roses bloom in clusters of corymbs of 2 to 7 flowers and flower only once a year, in early summer. These roses tolerate partial shade better than most others. These ancient roses succeed almost everywhere, growing them is effortless for all gardeners, including beginners.

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