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Purple delphinia

12 results

12  results


The perennial larkspurs in shades ranging from mauve to violet, including the varieties 'Misty Mauves', 'Pagan Purples', or the imposing 'King Arthur', are flagship plants for large beds. 'Misty Mauves' charms with its soft mauve gradients, while 'Pagan Purples' displays a blend of intense blue and violet, and 'King Arthur' impresses with its large flowers of deep violet. The Delphinium Pacific 'Cristel' stands out with its delicate flowers of intense violet with white speckles. The Delphinium belladonna 'Capri' raises 1.50m (5ft) stems adorned with very light blue lilac flowers with a white heart, the larkspur 'Highlander Cha Cha' develops sturdy spikes covered with triple and frizzy flowers, with a pale lilac shading to smoky violet at the heart. Among the rarer varieties are 'Blue Lace' with its subtly bluish-purple flowers, and 'Summer Nights' offers a unique shade of dark mauve, almost supernatural. These perennial plants, with their strong presence and superb shades of blue, attract all eyes and bring a touch of elegance to summer beds as well as bouquets.

These delphiniums integrate harmoniously into various landscaped settings: in beds for a vertical touch, in large flower borders to structure the space, or even in pots or flower balconies and terraces. 

Cultivating these delphiniums requires special attention. They prefer a rich, moist, and well-drained soil, as well as a sunny exposure.

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