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Photinias for hedging

17 results

17  results


Our range of Photinias for hedges. At the top of the list is the famous Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin', a beautiful bush with bright red young shoots and green, shiny leaves, decorative all year round. Photinias, with their evergreen foliage and fast growth, are perfect for creating a dense and colourful hedge. Also discover Photinia 'Carré Rouge', denser than 'Red Robin', appreciated for its more colourful, bright red young leaves, or 'Baton Rouge', with coral red young stems and bright red young shoots. Let's not forget the variety 'Louise', shorter (1.80 m), with naturally upright growth and foliage variegated from pink to cream. This bush will bring some charm to an evergreen hedge. Left untouched, Photinia produces fluffy panicles of honey-scented white flowers in spring. Easy to grow and maintain, these hedge shrubs will bring a touch of brightness to your garden all year round.

Give them a soft, deep soil. Once well-rooted, they can withstand summer drought.



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