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Tall ornamental Thistles

14 results

14  results

A selection of tall thistles. We offer in this category species and varieties of spectacular "thistles" such as the globe thistle (Onopordum acanthium) or the garden thistle (Cynara cardunculus). When in bloom, under good conditions, they easily exceed 1.20m (4ft) and even reach a height of 2.50m (8ft)! Due to their often prickly nature, these plants, though graphic and very useful for small wildlife, are underused in the garden. Also discover the great globe thistle Echinops sphaerocephalus which raises its globular inflorescences to 2m (7ft) above the ground, Cirsium, or the wild cardoon, a biennial that flowers at eye level. More rare and strange, Eryngium horridum is a very thorny and tall sea holly that is mainly grown for its architectural foliage. In your garden, let one or two plants of the Milk thistle (Sylibum sp.) grow on fallows and along paths, with foliage marbled in white. This "weed" whose seeds are sought after by the goldfinch can reach a height of 1.80m (6ft) if planted in rich soil. The thistles are undemanding, easy to grow and incomparable for adding spice to a flower bed. They are ornamental with their flowers of original design, very durable in flower beds as well as in fresh or dried bouquets. But also for their foliage, sometimes beautifully textured, animated with metallic reflections.     

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