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Wild Camellia

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13  results


Field camellias are the exact opposite of the usual camellias, the Japanese ones, with a compact habit and regular white, pink, or red flowers. Field camellias are perfect in a natural-style garden thanks to their loose and very natural habit. They also bloom in winter, until the beginning of spring, but their flowers are smaller, more irregular, often single, and very fragrant. They work wonders in an informal and rustic hedge among other flowering shrubs. The most emblematic field camellia is undoubtedly Camellia transnokoensis. In early spring, it forms rose-coloured flower buds that delicately open into small white single flowers. The 'High Fragrance camellia' lives up to its name as it is the most fragrant field camellia. Its large white to pinkish flowers appear between February and April. Field camellias appreciate acidic, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soils and partial shade exposures.



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