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Ornamental Colocynth and squash seeds

14 results

14  results


A selection of decorative gourds and squash, as easy to sow as pumpkins, courgettes, and other squash seeds. Non-edible, these plants from the Cucurbitaceae family are nonetheless interesting for decorating the house or terrace with their unusual or amusing shapes, resembling pears, flat, spoon-shaped, or bottle-shaped, and their attractive colours that remain decorative for a long time. Ornamental gourds can be stored for several months once dried. They can be arranged in baskets or large bowls, hung up, or even used as containers, according to each person's fancy. These are annual plants that are sown in spring, under heated shelter. The harvest takes place at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn of the same year. Provide them with deep, rich, and moist soil and a sunny exposure.


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