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Evergreen Agapanthus

46 results

46  results


The evergreen Agapanthus, like Agapanthus praecox and Agapanthus africanus, whose foliage persists even in winter, in a mild climate, are less hardy than deciduous Agapanthus whose foliage disappears during the cold season, regardless of the region. They are therefore better suited for potted cultivation to be sheltered during winter in regions far from the seaside. They often offer an earlier flowering, which occurs as early as June in our mild regions, displaying their wonderful umbels of white, blue, violet or almost black flowers, as well as lush foliage that elegantly fills the space throughout the year in a mild climate. While they are less resistant to frost, evergreen agapanthus tolerate relatively dry summers better than their deciduous counterparts. It is essential to plant them in well-draining soil that does not retain water in winter, and it is necessary to protect the stump in areas close to the limit of hardiness, where their foliage will disappear in winter. Discover our numerous varieties in all colours and sizes: these South African perennials are unrivaled for bringing an exotic touch to the garden or terrace. This beauty has only one requirement: full sun. It adapts to any good fertile garden soil that remains slightly moist throughout its growth and flowering period. 

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