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White Cabbage

51 results

51  results


The Cabbage - Brassica oleracea capitata – from the Brassicaceae family, is, like the Savoy cabbage, a closed-head cabbage. Its head in a tight, spherical, flat or oblong shape presents smooth foliage. It is a leafy vegetable grown in the vegetable garden and can be eaten cooked, raw or fermented. Cabbage is often thought of as a winter vegetable. However, thanks to its many varieties, Cabbage can be harvested all year round and is best enjoyed in salads during the summer and in stews or sauerkraut - Cabbage 'Quintal d'Alsace' - in winter. In any case, it is a treasure trove of vitamin C, B6 and B9, fibre and minerals such as calcium.

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