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5  results


Pritchardia is a magnificent fan palm that is found in the islands of the Pacific Ocean, especially in Hawaii. The most cultivated ones are Pritchardia hillebrandi, the emblematic and majestic palm tree of Hawaii, or the Pritchardia pacifia originating from Tonga. Endowed with a tropical temperament, not tolerating temperatures below 5 °C, these palm trees are however easy indoor plants to cultivate in non-calcareous soil, which can be placed outside in summer.

They should be installed in a room where the winter temperature remains between 10 and 15 °C. Pritchardia palms are characterised by a single false trunk, sometimes covered with fibres, greyish, slightly ringed, with large wax-coated palmate leaves carried on downy and whitish non-thorny petioles. The flowers, both male and female, are yellowish and fragrant, gathered on a beautiful arching inflorescence often longer than the leaves. The fruits are small black balls at ripeness. The first five years of cultivation are crucial for the establishment of a young palm tree: slow to establish and requiring careful care, it will no longer cause any concern to the gardener once well established.


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