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7  results


Blechnums are particularly hardy ferns, curiously underused in our gardens, but quite common in our leafy undergrowth. Blechnum spicant forms a small rosette of dark green, evergreen, tough and very distinct sterile fronds radiating from its centre. Its uniqueness comes from the large, deciduous fertile fronds that look like fish bones and emerge in summer from the heart of the plant. In the garden, this fern can be planted on a shady slope, in acidic soil, or among stones in a cool and shady corner of a rockery. Blechnum penna-marina is, on the other hand, a small, hardy and creeping fern native to Oceania, comfortable in damp to waterlogged soils. This species forms a carpet of almost exclusively linear, satin-like and beautiful dark green sterile fronds. The latter is an excellent ground cover in wet rockeries with humus-rich soil, in a sunny or very bright location.

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