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Unusual citrus trees

9 results

9  results


Nowadays, we are familiar with lemon, orange,  or mandarin trees... and even kumquats. But there are other citrus trees that are quite unique that you can try at home. Like the now famous Citron-caviar, highly sought after by chefs around the world, with small green fruits no bigger than a finger, whose pulp is composed of small juicy and crunchy beads that are absolutely delicious. Delicate and not very hardy, it can still be grown in a pot and stored indoors during winter. Another example is "Buddha's hand", with its strange fruit in the shape of a small hand, highly appreciated for its unique woody notes in its zest. And then there's the Combawa, which produces limes with a lumpy skin, and its leaves and highly fragrant fruits are used in perfumery and cooking.


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