Salvia - Bushy Sage

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Shrubby salvias, such as grahamii, greigii  and microphylla, are perennial plants with woody stems that originate from Mexico and combine many qualities. They have a very long flowering period from spring to autumn in a wide range of colours, ranging from white to purple, including all shades of pink, and even blue in the case of 'Blue Note'. They also have pleasantly aromatic foliage, are water efficient, not demanding in terms of soil, and require little maintenance apart from a light pruning in spring. Depending on the variety, these small bushes are relativley hardy and benefit from being planted in pots and stored indoors during severe frosts in winter. In regions with milder winters, they will thrive in sheltered positions and can be protected during winter with a winter cover and a thick layer of mulch around the stump. Some tender and taller varieties of shrubby salvias are also worth considering, such as Salvia guaranitica, leucantha, and involucrata

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