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Single-flowered Clematis

163 results

163  results


Clematis are climbing or bushy herbaceous plants. They bear often exceptional, single or double flowers of varied sizes and shapes. Early or late, evergreen or not, with large or small flowers, of the Patens or Montana types, with long summer flowering like the viticella clematis, or spring and perpetual flowering, clematis with single flowers come in many forms and colours. There is a variety for every taste and situation. Some form climbers up to 8 metres (26 feet) long, capable of climbing trees and fences, while others do not exceed 2 metres (7 feet) and are covered in flowers for many weeks in a container on the terrace. Discover this incredible diversity that allows every gardener, even beginners, to welcome this extraordinary plant often called the queen of climbers, in the ground or in pots. Here are all our clematis with single flowers:

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