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Buddleias for pots and containers

17 results

17  results


A selection of Buddleias or butterfly bushes well suited for cultivation in pots and containers. These are small varieties, not exceeding 1 m (3ft) in height, but just as floriferous, fragrant, and colourful as the large butterfly bushes. The choice of colours is vast: Buddleia White Chip produces white flower spikes, those of the Lilac Chip dwarf butterfly bush are a lovely mauve. The Butterfly Candy Little series of butterfly bushes also come in white, mauve, lilac, pink, and even red with the Buddleia davidii 'Candy Little Ruby' measuring about 80 cm (32in) in height. One of the smallest and most colourful is Buddleia 'Pink Micro Chip', which forms a cushion of 60 cm (24in) in all directions and blooms for almost 5 months with charming orchid pink flower spikes. 'High Five Purple' is an exciting Butterfly Bush, absolutely adorable, distinguished by its double flowers in a beautiful mauve, illuminated by a small orange eye. The flowers of the buddleia diffuse a beautiful sweet scent that attracts many butterflies, but also bees. Covered with flowers all summer long, they are excellent patio and balcony shrubs, just like potentillas with which they get along well.

The butterfly bushes, truly graceful and easy to grow, offer a beautiful diversity in terms of colours, foliage, and dimensions. They are content with ordinary garden soil and only require pruning in late winter. When grown in containers, they should be regularly watered and will appreciate the addition of fertiliser for flowering shrubs.

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