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Green Japanese Maple

30 results

30  results


A selection of Japanese Maples with green foliage all summer. With Acer palmatum, green can take on different shades: a light green with the Acer palmatum type, a brighter green with A. palmatum 'Dissectum', a surprising anise green with the variety 'viridis' for example. Small deciduous trees or large bushes - well-known and universally appreciated for their silhouette and flamboyant autumn colours, Japanese Maples offer a beautiful diversity in terms of habit, foliage, and dimensions. Well-suited for container cultivation in suitable soil, they are the undisputed stars of small urban gardens and shaded terraces in Japanese, contemporary, or zen style. With Japanese Maples, foliage is a major asset that comes in large, more or less palmate leaves, sometimes finely cut, with variable colours ranging from green to purple, passing through gold, variegated tones, pink, salmon...

Japanese maples generally appreciate semi-shaded exposures and slightly acidic, well-drained soils that remain moist. 

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