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Tanacetum - Pyrethrum

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4  results


The Pyrethrum, in Latin Tanacetum, like the Dalmatian pyrethrum Tanacetum cinerariifolium, is a perennial plant well known for its natural insecticidal properties, due to the presence of molecules called pyrethrins, which are effective against insect proliferation. It is also a beautiful plant for our gardens, like the Tanacetum coccineum, especially the lovely series of 'Robinson's', derived from the pink pyrethrum. We love tansies for the beauty of their often aromatic foliage, elegantly cut, sometimes with silver lace in the superb ground cover Tanacetum haradjani. But also for their somewhat naive flowering, reminiscent of daisies or chrysanthemums, in red, pink or white, or in yellow pompoms in the Tanacetum vulgare. These perennials are as charming as they are easy to grow in any good garden soil. The Tanacetum, also called tansy, is a genus in the aster family that actually includes about 70 annual, perennial or semi-shrubby species, mostly native to the Northern Hemisphere. A recognized medicinal plant, it is ornamental while having great utility in the vegetable garden and orchard.

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