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11  results


The Cimicifugas are magnificent perennials which thrive in partial shade, forming tall spikes of white, highly fragrant flowers from the end of summer. The finely cut foliage, green or almost black in some varieties, is highly decorative. These perennials prefer rich and moist soil, and they thrive in bright, slightly shaded areas. Partial shade suits them well, and they can be grown alongside hostas, persicaria amplexicaulis, heucheras, or Hakonechloa. Phylogenetic studies have shown a strong relationship with the genus Actaea, and some botanists have merged the two genera into one: the Actaea genus. Others, however, consider the two genera botanically distinct. Cimicifuga forms a septicidal dehiscent capsule fruit, while Actaea forms a berry. That's why, for the same plant, both names can be used.

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