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Coloured foliage Spiraea

16 results

16  results


The colourful Spiraeas, often yellow to golden in colour, are small deciduous bushes prized for their bright, decorative foliage that perfectly highlights their summer or spring flowering, depending on the varieties. In this category, there are many Japanese Spiraeas (Spiraea japonica) such as 'Gold Mound', 'Goldflame',  'Candlelight', 'Firelight' with pink flowers. Some have beautifully orange-coloured young leaves or flamboyant autumn foliage. More recently, varieties from the 'Double Play' series such as 'Double Play Gold' combine a compact habit and particularly colourful foliage. Some spring Spiraeas with white flowers also have a pale gold look, such as Spiraea vanhouttei 'Gold Foutain' or Spiraea prunifolia 'Goldfire' which blooms very early in the season. Birch-leaf Spiraeas offer some charming bushes with golden foliage and white summer flowering, such as Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor Gold'.  

Golden or yellow foliage brings a real plus to the garden. They can brighten up a dull or shaded area and offer an interesting contrast with dark colours or purple or blue flowering plants. However, they should be used sparingly to keep the overall look elegant.

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