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7  results


Boronia are delightful small Australian shrubs belonging to the Rutaceae family, just like citrus trees. They are fragrant shrubs resembling heather, which are very floriferous, but sensitive to cold.  They are well adapted to coastal gardens. The genus Boronia comprises about a hundred species and varieties, including Boronia heterophylla, B. crenulata, B. pinnata, B. citriodora, and B. megastigma, which are some of the most decorative ones. Boronia generally do not exceed 1.50 m (5ft) in height. They have more or less evergreen foliage in winter, which is aromatic, very delicate, pleasant to the touch, and their small flowers, often in shades of pink, bloom for several months in summer. The more or less fragrant flowers are also very attractive to pollinating insects. Plant in full sun or partial shade, in an ericaceous soil (without limestone), which is very well-drained but not too dry in summer.  In colder regions, it can be cultivated in a pot, which allows it to be protected in a sheltered position away from the first frosts. It can spend the entire summer on the patio or balcony. 


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