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Abelia Grandiflora for pot-growing

15 results

15  results


Abelia suitable for pot or container cultivation. These are small-sized varieties, well compact like the Abelia grandiflora 'Pastel Charm' or 'Magic Daydream', which do not exceed 1 m (3ft) in height. These bushy plants charm with their long summer flowering, from pink to white, slightly fragrant, but also with their decorative foliage, more or less evergreen in winter. Selections with variegated or coloured foliage such as 'Kaleidoscope' or 'Sparkling Silver' are particularly interesting, as they remain decorative outside the flowering period. Originally from China, Abelias are moderately hardy. They like light, well-drained soil, even limestone, and a sunny exposure. They tolerate wind well, as well as coastal areas. Pruning is limited to thinning out the habit after flowering and removing old wood. On a terrace, they make lovely companions for dwarf roses and Caryopteris.


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