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4  results


Stachyurus are deciduous bushes, like Stachyurus praecox or S. chinensis, or more rarely evergreen. They are unique and appreciated for their pendulous inflorescences of yellow bells that appear in late winter and early spring, before the formation of new leaves. With rapid growth and moderate development, they beautify the garden in a few years while providing a source of nectar appreciated by bees after winter. The genus Stachyurus includes four species, originating from China (Bhutan), Nepal (Himalaya), and Japan: S. praecox, S. salicifolius, S. himalaicus (rarer in cultivation), and S. chinensis, including the lovely cultivar 'Celina'. These bushes are characterised by flexible reddish branches that bear entire, simple, alternate leaves, often taking on beautiful colours in autumn.

Fairly easy to cultivate, Stachyurus thrive in full sun or partial shade in any non or slightly chalky soil that remains moist in summer. The supple and spreading habit of this bush makes it graceful in both borders and as a standalone specimen. We like to combine it with autumn camellias, Fothergilla, Osmanthus, and the curious Pterostyrax hispida, the Epaulette tree. Discover our selection.


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