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Golden foliage Siberian Bugloss

5 results

5  results


Our golden or variegated yellow-leaved Brunneras. In certain varieties of Caucasian forget-me-nots, such as Brunnera macrophylla 'Diane's Gold', the heart-shaped leaves display beautiful golden tones beneath a blue flowering of forget-me-nots. This foliage colour is quite rare among these shade perennials. Also discover 'Jack's Gold', the golden version of the famous 'Jack Frost' with leaves initially veined with gold, becoming silvery. The yellow colour is more or less persistent throughout the seasons, often much more pronounced in spring. Brunnera macrophylla 'Yellow spring' is a cultivar that presents a beautiful golden hue in spring, but turns greener in summer. The selection ‘Green Gold’ is interesting for its young yellowish-green to yellowish-green leaves that beautifully brighten up slightly dark areas. There are also lovely Siberian buglosses with variegated yellow foliage, like 'Hadspen Cream'. To accompany these plants in fresh woodland areas, consider hostas, bleeding hearts, or 'Euphorbia polychroma', these sturdy perennials appreciate the same environments.


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