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Garden Orchids

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75  results


Among the easiest orchids to maintain in the garden, bletillas establish themselves and naturalize easily in non-limestone soil. The Calanthes will thrive where ferns grow, with winter protection, and adapt well to pot culture. The dactylorhizas, which grow spontaneously in our regions, are not demanding in terms of their substrate and are very hardy. The cypripediums are the hardiest perennial orchids in the face of cold, but they are more difficult with regard to soil type and climatic conditions. Most species, with the exception of Cypripedium formosanum, franchetti, and japonicum, withstand temperatures below -30°C (-22°F). Orchids, although hardy, are aimed at a knowledgeable audience, requiring warm and dry summers and well-drained soil in winter. Finally, let's not forget pleiones, which must be stored away for winter.

Witnessing an orchid bloom in the garden is always a gratifying sight that justifies the pride of the gardener who cultivates it.

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