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Promesse de fleurs is a nursery and an online plant sales site founded in 1950. As a manageable ‘personal touch’-size company with 80 permanent employees, our company based in Houplines near Lille, northern France, is enjoying sustained and consistent growth





As part of our international expansion, we are always looking for English-speaking individuals passionate about plants to take on our English customer service. 

Please feel free to send us your application using our contact form.



We are delighted and proud to announce our HappyIndex®AtWork certification awarded in 2023!



This achievement reflects our commitment to the few simple values underpinning our success:

Demonstrating respect for our teams within a framework of individual autonomy;

Emphasising commitment and diligence in their work for everyone;

• Striving to develop versatility within our teams and to maintain sustainable employment despite the seasonal nature of our industry;

Demonstrating respect for our customers through a service-oriented and supportive approach.



We are committed to continue our efforts to enhance the well-being and engagement of all in 2023 and beyond.

Promesse de fleurs has been awarded the HappyIndexAtWork® 2023 label for companies that reward quality of life at work!

 With a participation rate of 82.3% of its employees, Promesse de fleurs received a score of 4.18 out of 5.



Gender Equality

We strictly adhere to gender parity principles in respect of salaries, and the make-up of the management and board of directors personnel.

As a result, Promesse de fleurs' Egapro index for the year 2022 was 94/100. It is a testament to our long-standing commitment to gender equality.

Recruitment Policy

We prioritise full-time, permanent employment (CDI) – we hardly have any part-time contracts – for ethical and efficiency reasons. The highly seasonal nature of our business does require a certain degree of additional seasonal labour, but we have always eventually managed to offer a permanent position to a motivated casual employee.

Our Company

Our Sustainable Commitments


Over the past decade, Promesse de fleurs has become increasingly aware of the social and environmental challenges of its business.


In 2022, driven by the younger members of our team, we decided to go further and created our first CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Charter with commitments to social progress, environmental protection, and the development of sustainable and responsible practices.



Our Company Values


We are internally guided by four values: respect for the individual, team spirit, commitment and high standards, and honesty. We work collectively on these values and share defined values that resonate with us and which we strive to promote within the company.



Our range of professions

Discover the various professions at Promesse de fleurs through interviews with our more outgoing employees!

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