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4  results


Pachysandra, such as Pachysandra terminalis, are fantastic evergreen ground cover for shady areas that are not too dry. These perennials thrive in the undergrowth, along shaded pathways, wherever shade prevails over light. They take a little longer to establish, but eventually they will suffocate weeds under their beautiful, tough and glossy evergreen foliage, which is a uniform green or even variegated in the cultivar 'Variegata'. Grouped together in tight and overlapping clusters, the leaves effectively cover the ground and eventually form a superb carpet, both dense and fluffy. This small perennial offers delicate white flowers with brown edges in late spring. Although not demanding, Pachysandra prefers moist soil. It spreads through easily controllable stolons that can be removed by pulling, so it never becomes invasive! Hardy down to -15°C (5°F) in well-drained soil, it will be protected by snow in our coldest regions.

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