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Broom - Cytisus

34 results

34  results


Brooms are bushes that love the sun and well-drained soils, and can tolerate poor soil conditions and moderate drought. Their cultivation methods vary depending on the genus, especially when it comes to cold resistance. The Genista genus mostly consists of species with medium hardiness (Genista lydia) to low hardiness (Genista aetnensis), which do not appreciate being transplanted. The Cytisus species are more tolerant, like Cytisus 'Burkwoodii', which has bicoloured flowers and is widely planted in gardens; they only refuse to bloom in deep shade. Chamaecytisus is quite a diverse genus, grouping together dwarf species that grow in dry and sunny rockeries, with medium hardiness that rarely survive transplantation, and larger species that can grow in most soils and in any situation.

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