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Malus - Crabapple

34 results

34  results


Malus or Ornamental Apple Trees are shrubs loved for their compact, rounded shape and small size, this makes them very practical for small gardens. The green foliage takes on a beautiful reddish hue in autumn. In April, after 3 years of growth, they are adorned with numerous white, pink or red flowers just before the leaves appear. Then come the decorative orange or red fruits. When fully ripe, they can be used to make jelly. They are fast-growing. Crabapple trees are planted in any good, soft, rich, and moist garden soil, even slightly chalky, by adding compost at planting. They grow best under decent sun light and sheltered from prevailing winds that can harm flowering. Pruning is limited to removing dead wood and balancing the branches in late winter. Protection against diseases and parasites is the same as for fruit trees. Crabapples can be used as standalone plants, free hedges, or used as a background plant for flower beds or in pots for dwarf varieties. In orchards, they promote pollination. Tip: Stake during the first years to ensure the trunk grows straight and apply a comprehensive preventive treatment when buds swell, when buds open, when flower petals fall, and when fruits reach 1cm (0in) in diameter.

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