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104  results


Appreciated for their abundant flowering and their evergreen and glossy foliage of real elegance, camellias are dazzling evergreen shrubs that come in a multitude of varieties. While many of them, like Camellia japonica, bloom from the end of winter to spring, some varieties derived from Camellia sasanqua bloom from late autumn to winter. The flowers of camellias are single or double, pink, white, red, and even yellow, depending on the varieties. All have slow growth, most have a dense and compact habit that allows them to be easily integrated into small gardens. These hardy shrubs that thrive perfectly in containers and pots can also be found on patios and balconies. Other, more rustic varieties, have a looser habit and a very natural appearance that combines well with many other hedge shrubs. Camellias like shade or partial shade, woodland environments, damp soils, and mild and humid atmospheres. They grow in humus-rich, acidic, and light soils. Most are hardy up to -12C° (10,4°F), they fear cold and drying winds. Choose a sheltered location for them, for eaxmple in a wood, under large trees.  Their resistance will be even better against a wall. 

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