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Clematis Armandii

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5  results


Armand clematis, Clematis armandii in Latin, is a vigorous climbing plant with lush evergreen and smooth foliage and has early spring flowers that are truly remarkable. It starts in March, its flowers are white stars, pink-tinted on the underside of the variety 'Apple Blossom'. They emerge grouped together and their very pleasant fragrance is reminiscent of orange blossom and almond. This clematis is a bit sensitive to cold, but it tolerates summer drought once well established. Able to develop woody climbing stems up to eight meters long, it thrives on old walls, trellises, and fences, but also in trees that serve as its natural support. As it does not cling by itself, it will be necessary to train it.

Plant Armand clematis in regions with mild winters. Plant them in a deep, loose, well-drained soil, even with a tendency towards clay or limestone. Their hardiness is around -12 to -15°C (10.4 to 5°F) for short periods, once well-established and in a sheltered location.

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