Late Potatoes

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Late Potatoes are known as storage varieties, which are harvested after 120 days of cultivation. Like Roseval or Vitelotte for example, they have a long growing cycle but can be stored for a very long time in cool and dark places, especially on shelves, during the winter months. There are three categories of storage potatoes, based on the texture of the flesh. The firm-waxy varieties have a good cooking quality and are ideal for boiling, steaming, stewing, or frying. The floury varieties are easily mashed and are perfect for making mashed potatoes or soups, as well as for frying. And finally, the soft and melting varieties have a good cooking quality and can be used in various ways: frying, stewing, or baking. Plant the tubers from mid-March to May depending on the climate and harvest them from 120 to more than 150 days after planting.


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