Hedge Abelia

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Are you looking for a robust, bushy, flowering, fragrant, and honey-scented hedge bush? The abelia, semi-evergreen to evergreen, highly flowering from spring to autumn, is an excellent candidate for creating a free or flowering hedge. In this context, the gardener's choice will be the Abelia grandiflora and its most vigorous varieties such as 'Edward Goucher' (up to 1.80 m (6ft) high), Abelia chinensis, and Abelia mosanensis 'Monia' which can reach up to 2 m (7ft). Even more vigorous, reaching a height of 2.50 m (8ft), the Abelia grandiflora 'Semperflorens' is covered with a multitude of fragrant and honey-scented clusters of pinkish white bells. Originating from Asia, Abelia plants are moderately hardy. They are planted in light, well-drained soil, in sunny locations. With the exception of Abelia mosanensis, they remarkably withstand summer drought and tolerate limestone. They are also tolerant of wind and coastal conditions. Pruning is limited to thinning the habit after flowering and removing old wood. In a hedge, they are often associated with lilacs, mock oranges, spring-blooming spireas, and other forsythias to extend the flowering period.

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