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Hardy climbing plants

675 results

675  results

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Our hardy climbing plants. Clematis, Virginia creepers, and ivy are essential for gardeners looking for decorative climbers that can withstand winter temperatures down to -15°C and lower. Numerous varieties of clematis offer vibrant and diverse flowering in spring or summer, even in harsh climates. Common ivy (Hedera helix) needs no introduction, it is robust and evergreen, capable of adapting to various environments and quickly covering large areas. Among other cold-resistant climbers are the indispensable wisterias that charm with their clusters of fragrant flowers in spring. Or honeysuckle with its tubular flowers and enchanting fragrance that attracts pollinators and enlivens the garden. The less well-known Akebia stands out for its rapid growth, exotic flowers, and excellent frost resistance. There are many others, including hops and countless climbing roses... Discover them on these pages.


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