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Pink Corydalis

5 results

5  results


The Corydales or Corydalis, with their finely cut foliage and delicate flowers, are highly appreciated by gardeners. Among them, the varieties with pink and mauve flowers offer a remarkable visual spectacle. The Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans' is prized for its pale pink flowers that emerge in spring, bringing a touch of freshness to the garden. The Corydalis 'Blackberry Wine' is another variety that stands out with its deep purple flowers. Not only does it add a touch of colour, but its subtle fragrance is also highly appreciated. The Corydalis 'Berry Exciting' is original with its bright pink flowering. Its golden yellow foliage and medium size allow it to integrate well into various landscaping arrangements. Discover all our Corydales with pink or mauve flowers in this selection.

These Corydales find their place in flower beds, borders, rockeries, and even pots. These plants prefer a soil rich in humus and well-drained. Partial shade or gently sunny exposure promotes beautiful flowering. They need moist soil, but not waterlogged.

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