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60  results


The Weigelas are amazing shrubs with flexible shapes and generous flowering.These vigorous plants have elliptical leaves, 6 to 12 cm (2 to 5in) long, green, purple or variegated like the Weigelia Florida Monet Verweig. The tubular bell-shaped flowers are in clusters and range in color from white to red. An adult sized plant is reached in 5/6 years. These plants are easy to grow. Weigelas thrive in any fresh and well-drained soil, in sunny or semi-shady locations. The soil should not be allowed to dry out during flowering, mulching the base is a good way to retain moisture. Watch out for overly compact soil! Pruning consists of cutting back all flowering shoots to 20cm (8in) from the ground after flowering. With a variegated appearance, Weigelas can be used as solitary plants, in hedges, or in flower beds. The Weigela Nain rouge ® courtanin cov is ideal in a large pot. The 'Carnaval' Weigela (1.50m (5ft)) is the most floriferous.

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