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Tree seeds

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15  results


You will find in these pages a selection of deciduous or evergreen tree seeds including native large leafy trees (Maples, Oaks...) or conifers (Pines, Cypress...) in our forests, but also fruit trees, or exotic ones like Bananas and palm trees, as well as rare seeds such as those of arborescent ferns, trees for bonsai, to be planted outdoors or indoors...To germinate, many tree seeds must first undergo a more or less long period of cold, intense heat or drought, to mimic their natural environment. Another factor to consider is the lifespan of the seeds, which varies greatly depending on the species. As a general rule, tree seeds should be sown when they are ripe, that is, when they fall to the ground for example. After this period, they enter dormancy: it will then be necessary to artificially break this dormancy by subjecting them to a specific treatment. All our products include a sheet with a detailed description accompanied by cultivation and sowing advice.

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