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Gaillardia - Blanket Flower

14 results

14  results


The blanket flowers belong to the Asteraceae family. They are perennial plants that are essential in summer flower beds. Flowering throughout the summer and in successive waves until the first frosts, they adapt to the most difficult conditions, displaying their large daisies even in limestone gardens. With their brown, red, orange, or golden yellow corollas, always bordered in brown or a lighter shade, they are both simple and warm. Forming a 1m (3ft) tall field of plants, the commonly encountered hybrids, such as 'Burgunder' in burgundy, 'Dazzler' in orange-yellow with a purple disc, these plants are sometimes more compact like Gaillardia 'Lueur de Torche' (50cm (20in)) with semi-evergreen grey-green aromatic foliage. They are not afraid of cold, drought, or wind, and even grow in poor soil. So many reasons to adopt them, in the sun, because with them, there will be no disappointment!

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