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11  results


The Acanthus mollis is a perennial, hardy, highly decorative plant with evergreen foliage in mild climates. The architecture of the Acanthus is a highly ornamental structure thanks to its habit, large leaves, and flower spikes. From June to September, the upright flower spikes bear tubular flowers with two lips in a mix of white, green, yellow, pink, or purple. The flower spikes, approximately 1 metre (3 feet) tall, are suitable for making dried or fresh bouquets. The dark green, oblong, and ovate leaves form a tuft emerging from the soil and can reach 1 metre (3 feet) in height and width; they can sometimes be spiny. Plant the Acanthus in full sun or partial shade in rich, deep, and well-drained soil, either in a flowerbed or as a standalone plant. 

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