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Although botanically close to conifers, the Ginkgo biloba or "forty-coin tree" is a deciduous species. It is the last living representative of its family, the Ginkgoaceae. Similar to conifers in its flowers, but resembling a "simple" deciduous tree in its foliage, and equipped with a reproductive mode similar to that of ferns, Ginkgo biloba is truly a botanical curiosity.

It can be planted in the garden as a standalone sepcimen, or in the back of a flowerbed (for those with a fastigiate or upright habit), in order to admire its striking foliage that displays a beautiful golden yellow colour in autumn. It is also widely used for bonsai, or in collections of mini-conifers (although it is not one!) for its dwarf cultivars.

Ginkgo biloba is a tree with remarkable resilience. It is not susceptible to any known diseases or predators and it withstands pollution admirably. It thrives in full sun in all types of ordinary, well-drained soil, including limestone.

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