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Mirabilis seeds

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3  results


From the big black seeds of the Four o'clock flowers, called Mirabilis or Peruvian Marvels, vigorous seedlings emerge that, in one season, form a lush shrub crowned with trumpet-shaped flowers, in a wide range of colours, from white to red, passing through yellow, some curiously variegated depending on the varieties. These flowers open in the late afternoon, releasing a sweet fragrance, and close when exposed to the sun. These tender perennials are easy to grow and are often grown as annuals, although their large roots resembling black carrots can withstand short frosts of around -7°C (19.4°F) in dry soil. Four o'clock flowers appreciate fertile, moisture-retentive soil and a sunny to partially shaded exposure. They can be used in borders, at the base of walls facing east or south, and also thrive in large, deep pots with careful watering and feeding. They can be grown like dahlias, with the tubers overwintered frost-free in a sandy mix. 

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