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Lime trees

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4  results


The Lime, in Latin Citrus aurantifolia, is a bushy, ornamental and highly flowering citrus tree in spring. Its small white star-shaped flowers, pleasantly fragrant, are followed by small fruits that are more or less spherical, covered with a smooth and thin skin. The pulp of this citrus fruit, which is very juicy, is particularly acidic but very aromatic. This species has very marked tropical requirements: it perishes below -3°C (26.6°F) and requires heat and moisture throughout the year to bear fruit well. It can be grown in a large pot to be stored in a slightly heated greenhouse during winter, or in open ground in our warm regions that are spared from frost.

The 'Red Lime' variety is a new variety of lime tree... red! This citrus tree, which is moderately vigorous and hardy up to -3°C (26.6°F), produces very acidic limes with a thin, smooth skin of a beautiful red-orange colour. The spring flowering with small white flowers is pleasantly fragrant. Its fruits can be used in the same way as the green variety: in cooking and cocktails.



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