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4  results


Semiarundinaria is a bamboo that can reach a height of 3 to 8 m (10 to 26ft), depending on the variety, with slow growth. It is known by gardeners as Semiarundinaria Makinoi or S. fastuosa, perfect for creating large screens of greenery. This hybrid genus, originating from China and Japan, includes about 10 to 20 species of slender and straight bamboos, with running roots in warm climates, but remaining much more compact in cool climates. Tall, dense in foliage, and colourful, they form rather open, evergreen clumps anchored on rather wide, beautifully coloured canes, which are violet when young and later become polished green with hints of purple or brown. Thriving in both shaded and sunny exposures, Semiarundinaria are happy in damp, humus-rich soil, whether in large pots or in open ground. 

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