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Tall Clematis

16 results

16  results


Discover all our tall clematis among 250 varieties. These vigorous climbing plants, sometimes reaching 8m (26ft) in height like montana clematis or the robust Clematis vitalba, are capable of climbing trees up to their tops and uniquely beautifying unsightly buildings. These 'queens of climbers' also include many other lesser-known species such as Clematis terniflora or the beautiful 'Gravetye Beauty' which deserve to be discovered and planted more in our gardens. These climbers with strong growth require space to express their full potential as well as a sufficiently strong support to bear their weight. While free hedges are the preferred places to accommodate those that have retained a wild character, trimmed hedges are very suitable for some of them that bloom in spring, like Montana. Simply prune the hedge from time to time along with your clematis. Plant your clematis at the same time and in the same hole as your trees and bushes, which will serve as their support, to avoid root competition.

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